MDI Engineers, PSC

    MDI Engineers, PSC began with the partnership of two entrepeneur engineers, Mr. Diego A. Torres and Mr. Manuel Estela who sought to joined their expertize to bring the best of engineering to their native island of Puerto Rico.  Headquarters were formed in Dorado, PR where it presently operates today.  Staff resources include skilled structural, civil, environmental, mechanical and chemical engineers, as well as construction management specialists and technicians experienced in the latest computer-aided design equipment.  Most of the company’s technical staff holds advance degrees in engineering and both partners are professional engineers registered in the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico.  The partners and key personnel manage every project from planning phase to the completion of the project, ensuring the highest degree of professional expertise and responsibility to our clients.
MDI Engineers, PSC is a multidisciplinary full-service engineering firm offering services
in structural, civil, electrical, mechanical and environmental engineering as well as
project management, inspection and construction management.  MDI has an excellent history of engineering design and construction management experience working for private developers, corporations, contractors, architects, and public and private entities.  Our projects include Institutional and Commercial Buildings, Multi-Family Housing, Custom Residential, Offices, Industrial Facilities, Healthcare Facilities, Civic and Public Works